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Korg KP3 -> loopy

edited December 2012 in Equipment

I have bee. Trying to hook up my Korg KP3 to loopy. I have a 4 prong aux hooked to a two prong splitter which I send to the audio output (phono) and my headphones. I can hear the audio output from the KP3 in the head phones but loopy is still not picking up anything outside of the built in iPod touch mic. I've spend lots of money on this and would very much like it to work. Plz help, and thank you.


  • OK, a picture is worth a 1000 words.

    I assume by 4 prong aux you are referring to;

    4 pole TRRS jack?

    And this is plugged into you iDevice (iPhone, iPad)?

    The other end of this cable/adapter has 2 input connections? One connected to the output of your Korg, the other connected to your headphones?

    If you can clarify exactly what you have and how it is connected, we might be able to help.

  • Yes. That goes to a 3 prong aux male. Then through a female/ female aux adaptor. To a 3 prong aux male/ y phono male ( red & white) which goes into the line out of the kp3.

  • OK. First thing is, the input throught iDevice headphone jack is mono, but worst case you only get what is coming out of the right or left side of the Korg output.

    Just to clarify, the cable/adapter (in my previous post) has 2 connections at the other end. One should be stereo ( 3 prong) that goes to you head phones (this is audio out from the iDevice), the other should be mono ( 2 prong ) and goes to what ever audio source you want to feed into the iDevice.

  • Sounds like it's connected correctly.

    You say you hear the Korg on your headphones. If you close/exit Loopy are you still able to hear the Korg? I have tried on my iPad with a similar cable setup and a microphone, and only hear the microphone when Loopy is running. If you still hear it with no programs running, then disconnect the cable from the iDevice and you should not be able to hear it, if you still hear it, then the cabling/adapters are not sending the audio it to the right place.

    If we are now sure that the audio is feeding into the correct place;

    Do you see the built in audio monitor (on either side of the Play/Pause button in Loopy) changing? If you've recorded using the built in mic then you've probably noticed this function.

    If you don't see any change in the audio monitor, then we are back to the cables/adapters or a defect in your iDevice. One other idea, the input (at least on the iPad) is sensitive to the type of device connected to it and the volume. Try with a very low volume. You may need to go as far as to shut off the iDevice and turn it back on.

    Do you have an iPhone headset with mic, this might point out the source of the problem.

    If you do see change in the audio monitor in Loopy, then I have no more ideas (at the moment).

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