Bluetooth keyboard not working?

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Hi, I have Loopy up and running and a bluetooth keyboard that the iPad is recognising (can go to the home screen or turn off the screen with it), but nothing happens when I press any other button on the keyboard when trying to set up a new binding (Waiting for events... continues to show).

Does anyone know what might be wrong? Keen to ensure this works before buying a bigger bluetooth keyboard and ripping it apart to make a DIY foot pedal.

thanks for your help.


  • I'm not sure what could be wrong but I have it working ok with a Zagg bluetooth keyboard/case thing.

    Only oddity specific to qwerty (or just as likely my particular keyboard) is that up seems to equal left and down == right. Can't assign up after left has been assigned and up triggers left's action in practice. Same for down/right.

  • I'm not sure either, I'm afraid @8rocko. All I can think of is to suggest restarting everything and trying again.

    @syrupcore - Does this still happen with the new version? I thought I fixed that...

  • @michael yes, sorry to report. But happy to know its not just my crummy keyboard!

    Hardly a big deal. Plenty of other mappable keys on a qwerty.

  • Bugger =) I was sure I had it. Ah well, back to the drawing board.

  • So you can assign bindings to a qwerty keyboard? Sweet...

  • I still couldn't get it to work - does anyone have any suggestions for orders to switch things on and plug in? i know my Apogee Jam sometimes plays up if not done in order.

    Looking forward to trying to find the most suitable keyboard to destroy for the foot pedal...

  • Do you have another keyboard you could try, @8rocko? Sounds like something's malfunctioning; it'd be good to work out what it is.
    Alternatively, you could try restoring your iDevice, too, perhaps?
    I don't suppose you're jailbroken, are you?
    Does everything work correctly in other apps, like the Notes app?

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    Hi michael, yes everything works fine in other apps. I'm not jailbroken. I've just realised i dont have the latest iOS so will report once thts installed. Sorry no other keyboard to try.

  • Is there a way to force Loopy to listen to the BT keyboard while in background ?
    I guess it's an iOS limitation, but would be nice to play Magellan or Animoog and control Loopy like with a MIDI controller. A keyboard has much more buttons.

  • What Alex asked! I also assumed it was an iOS limitation so didn't ask. If possible, oh dreamy.

  • I wish =)

    Alas, though, no - keyboard input goes to the foreground app only, and that's that. Unless someone wants to make KeyboardBus and forward keypresses to other apps ;-)

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