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Apogee Jam compatible?

edited December 2011 in Equipment

Does the apogee Jam work as an input device with Loopy?



  • Yep, it sure does
  • And beautifully.
  • I use iRig for now, works like a charm as well.
    I guess the Jam sounds even better.
  • The Jam works well, sounds better, and there's less noticeable latency than the iRig, although there is still some. But it IS 3x's the price.

    I'm curious if the Apogee One is a little better, personally.

  • the ampkit link HD is apparently coming out soon. IT's like the apogee jam, but has a headphone monitor jack and also lets you charge your iphone/ipod/ipad while its in use.

    The apogee jam is entirely useless to me because it doesn't allow you to charge the device. Cuts the apple device's lifespan short (once the battery starts draining rapidly 3 years down the road, I can't use it for music anymore), and makes it a horrible live gig option.
  • AmpKit link HD sounds cool! So far all of these devices are mostly good for practice applications to me.
  • edited June 2012
    Yeah. So far for me, for a uni you can charge while you use, it's either the alesis dock, or the ampkit link HD + a mixer. Both come out to around the same price where I am.

    The ampkit + mixer doesn't grant you midi capabilities, which sucks. But a mixer is more flexible and likely more resilient than the alesis io dock. It's a toss up.

    Also, I'm not sure if the ipod touch works with the alesis io dock.

    As far as the apogee goes, it's good quality but, with no way to charge the ipod or ipad, its only practical for practice purposes. And I'd never spend 100$ just for practice purposes.
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