Is there a way to export the "metronome" track?

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I've built several tracks around the beat from the metronome, but when I drag the session from iTunes to the desktop, there's no beat.

Is there a way to export it?


  • I don't think there is a way to export it. You might be able to use audiobus to send loopy into loopy to record it but that might be feedback mayhem. No idea. You could always hook it up to your computer via audio cable and record a loop.

  • Yeah, but then I'm introducing noise and whatnot that I'd rather avoid if possible...

  • @Raketemensch - you can record the metronome.

    • select the Session ( load it)
    • turn off Live input recording (under settings)
    • mute all tracks
    • touch the Play button
    • make sure your Tempo and Time signature are correct.
    • activate the Metronome and set its volume (it records at the volume you set)
    • touch the Rec button to start and again to stop.

    It will show up in your Recordings. If your timing is really good, you can Copy it and paste it into one of your tracks. If your timing ( starting and stopping of Rec ) is not so good, like mine, then you can record the Metronome for a couple of cycles, export the Recording and trim it.

    Happy Holidays!

  • Awesome, many thanks. I've been coming up with loop sets in animoog and exporting them to load up and re-arrange in Ableton Live, which I couldn't possibly love more.

    This is rapidly becoming my favorite workflow ever, but we desperately need some kind of really good drums/beat maker software to work with audiobus.

    It looks like Beatmaker 2 should support it soon, but we'll have to wait until January I guess, since they just pushed out an update without audiobus support and the App Store is locked down until the new year.

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