Just got my Behringer FCB1010!

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Now how in the world do I configure it? I've never used Midi cables before. I'm using an iPad with the Camera Connection Kit and that goes out to a Roland UA-25EX. It has Midi in/out(through). How do I hook this guy up and get it running? I'm dying to play with this thing! Please Help!!!!


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    FCB midi out to the Roland MIDI in. Roland USB to the CCK in the iPad. Turn it all on and launch loopy.

    Go to settings->general->bindings. Select the function you want to control (start, record, mute...) and then tap a pedal on the FCB. Rinse and repeat. Then, send Michael some pie.

  • There is a Yahoo FCB1010 user's group that may be of interest to you:


  • Unfortunately, I just read that my spun card works on iOS, but audio only. Hear anything about the M-Audio UNO? I may need something like that to run into my USB HUB.

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