looping audio via line input

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How are you getting line level audio into your loopy?


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    a simple AV cable works for me some of the time, other times i get some digital clipping. It seems Loopy can't always figure out whether to look at the line in or the ipads internal mic, or a mixture of both which I think causes the clipping. When it's working it's fantastic. when it's not, it's useless to me. Input source should be an option in settings.

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    I sorted out my problem with this wire, & the ipad.. it's not something that can be controlled from apps, but it's in the OS. A regular 4 connector plug to 3 RCA plug wire will work as an audio input with a simple hardware modification.

    So ya, now I've got audio running reliably to loopy from the mixer loop.
    Now after using it a bit I'm having fun, but noticing how little bass you get when using the line input on the jack. Another hardware limitation - steep low frequency roll off. Maybe when loopy gets some fx it'll compensate for this. I'll be experimenting more with this method but
    Til then, I'd suggest using the 30 pin port for better audio quality.
  • I got myself an iRig (connected to my microphones and electric guitar via a mixer) and was surprised to find the line level so low that I couldn't really overcome it even by resorting to "11's" across the board. I was also surprised to find no real way to deal with the line level from the iPad directly (either from the Settings or from apps directly). I ended up taking the iRig back and grabbing an Apogee Jam and I have to say that it is great, with a gain dial right on the Jam it was no trick to get it right or adjust it quickly. I do think there is a problem with this solution, however, as the Jam uses the 30-pin connector which rules out sending MIDI at the same time?
  • Cool. Not sure about this, but I think only the Alesis io dock has audio ins and outs plus midi. You may want to try sending midi over wifi.
    I'm using the iconnect midi box myself, haven't synced loopy up yet.
  • Hmm, I like the looks of that Alesis... maybe time for another return & upgrade... :P
  • No, the Alesis IO-Dock is not the only one. Behringer UMA25 is a Midi-Controller that gives you a Midi-Keyboard with free-assignable Controller Knobs, Stereo I/O and a Midi Output. Price: 100$
    Novation Xiosynth is Classcompliant too and includes a Highend-Audiointerface(48KHz 24bit) a beatiful sounding Vitual-Analog Synth and a Midi-Out-Port. Price used about 250$. The Xio can record his Synthsounds digitally over USB-Audio into the Ipad. Behringer & Xio do NOT offer a Midi-In-Port ......Of Course you´ll always need a Camera Connection Kit.
  • I have a focusrite Scarlet 18i6 coming in a few days (it's under the tree now) that gives me both MIDI and multiple audio interfaces, and am eager to see how it works with Loopy. It's definitely supported by Auria to bring in 18 simultaneous tracks, so it'll be interesting to see how Loopy supports it.

    I just realized how necro this is, so apologies, but I'll post back when I know whether it works or not. Maybe in a fresh thread :]

  • Hey Raketemensch - did you ever get the Scarlet 18i6? I'm thinking about getting it if you've used it successfully with Loopy. Let me know.

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