Loopy is getting slower and slower, help with trouble shooting!

Hi gang!
been a long time user but now, as updates pile up and new gizmos come into play (audiobus thank god!) I'm having some increasing lag issues with Loopy.
Naturally, when using Audiobus, things are even heavier but, even without, I'm having performance issues.
some details: I'm on a ipod 4th gen; usually use the Tascam IU2 with a condenser mic.
so, my main questions are these :
1- does having many many sessions and/or recordings in loopy slow it down? if so, is there a quick and easy way to export the lot of them to clean the app out?
and 2 - can you recommend any good tutorial on how to speed up an Ipod/Iphone?
I'm wondering is having lots of apps installed is a problem, wondering is other apps using a lot of space is a problem, wondering if too much music is a problem, and so on and so forth.

PS: right now my experience with audiobus is severely hindered by performance issues and it would be real nice NOT to have to buy another device which I can't afford to make more music.


  • Hello - have you recently updated to iOS 6? I'm hearing more and more reports of problems with older devices on iOS 6, which could account for the trouble you're seeing. Unfortunately, there's not actually anything we can do about that, since Apple don't allow downgrading, but it might explain it.

    No, sessions/recordings won't slow Loopy down.

    You could try restoring the device, and setting it up as new. If it's a real problem, maybe your device is malfunctioning, and it might be worth taking it into an Apple store.

  • Clear all the cache, might help this problem.

  • @AmbitEnerg, gave you got a reference for how to do this? I was simply going to suggest (to @Loopmyface) turning it completely off and back on (by holding the lock button and confirming shut down), but this might be a more complete 'clean' of the system. So... Any hints?

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