clear button sometimes not reacting


Latetely the clear button sometimes does'nt react. Other reaction on touch are OK. Has this something to do with Loopy or is it an iPad or touch screen problem.
Anyone any experience with this?



  • Recently updated to iOS 6. Might be the cause??

  • Hm, I haven't heard other reports of this, or seen it myself, but it could indeed be an iOS 6 issue. Missing UI events like that is also a classic symptom of an overloaded device, running too many active apps at once. Might that be a factor at all?

  • No other apps running and I'm running the app in flight mode.
    Didn't have this problem in iOS 5. When I cancel (touching the center of the loop) and try again to clear it works fine again. Sometimes I need to touch the center twice or three times to cancel.
    I see the same issue in the post on touching problems in general topics. I think it's the same problem.
    I tried to downgrade to iOS 5 but that's not possible anymore.

    I hope you can help

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