audio segment time warp - like ableton live in ios??

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Hi...I've been using loopyHD with audiobus, thumbjam and soundprismpro....Im loving the spontaneity of creating music on my iphone4s. I recently played a song for my wife and her response was that it sounded sloppy!!
I used to use ableton live to fix the slop in my performance via audio beat markers....

Does anyone know of an ios app that has this type of audio segment re-timing functionality??
Could this be a viable loopy feature down the line...Would love to be be able to go into dedicated sample editor within loopy and fix timing via beat markers..


  • I've been hunting high and low for something similar but none exist. Seriously thinking of getting. development team together to build something myself! :)

    Now that Audiobus is here, IOS is screaming out for an Ableton type solution that offers warp markers.

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    I'm sure the ableton people are probably on it seeing as Cubase has already thrown their hat in the ring.
    I love the simplicity of loopy but could use a simple way beyond twirling start point to correct timing issues

  • I was only joking about developing my own app by the way! :)

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