Loving Loopy HD as part of my Audiobus workflow but...

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Really loving Loopy HD as part of my Audiobus workflow but I've noticed that any loops I export from Loopy start 84ms late. This is a real pain as I have to use Twisted Wave to correct the loops before I can take them into a multitrack environment.

The loops definitely start where they should within Loopy it's just that they're off by 84ms when I paste them into another app

As I understand it this is a known bug in Loopy that will resolved in the next update. Can we expect to see this update before Xmas or is it likely that the update won't be available till the new year?





  • Any response...

  • I'm sorry Jon, been going-out-of-my-mind busy over here - I'm gonna look into this soon. It's not going to be fixed 'till next year, though, as iTunes has closed down.

  • Thanks Michael.

  • Any ETA on this fix Michael? Thanks!

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    It's fixed! Still got some testing and a few other things for the next update, though, but the fix is ready to go once the rest of the update is.

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