quick tip?

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I'm new to loopy. I've beatboxed on and off and figure id get this app for fun to mess around with.

Quick question: whilst recording, I'll start beat boxing and then stop the recording. After I stop, there always seems to be a gap... It's not like a continuous loop of the beat. Is there a setting I have to change or am I doing something wrong? I'm pretty sure my timing is good, I'm not off beat much.

Any tips will be appreciated, thanks.


  • for example... beat-silence-silence-beat starts again-ect When I'd would like it to be beat-beat-beat-ect

  • hard to say without seeing what you're doing but one general looping tip that every looper learns eventually is to be sure you're already beatboxing when then the recording starts and keep beat boxing for a beat after the recording ends. It seems like you should be able to just stop and start with it but I swear, you can't! maybe you can, I dunno. :)

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