Loopy poor audio quality

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Hi, I have been using loopy for a short time so I may be missing something but so far I am finding it frustrating via Audiobus. If for instance I want a looping pad from Sunrizer, it sounds perfect when recording but played back through loopy the audio quality is poor. The tail off is clicky and volume is grainy when fading. I have tried many passes and nothing gets better. I am used to working with Cubase so perhaps I am expecting too much from an ipad app ? I use nanostudio and the audio is perfect. I am a bit underwhelmed with Loopy as I find it quite user unfriendly. When recording in Audiobus with a synth, you can't tell when record is going to come in as there is no count-in. The metronome is constant throughout. Even worse, when recording with Nlog the record starts off the beat of a new bar.


  • I'm sorry to hear you're disappointed with Loopy.

    Can you tell me what device you're using it on?

  • I am using a 3rd generation ipad running ios6

  • @marb you might try rebooting your ipad. I'm using the same setup and record Sunrizer and Nlog into Loopy via Audiobus without problem. Sound quality is great.

    The 'you can't tell when record is going to come in' has more to do with Audiobus being a 1.0 than it does with loopy. That appears to be one of the most requested features so I imagine it will be sorted out fairly soon.

  • Ok, it seems that in one particular project it was doing this. Also, taking off the noise gate/expander has also stopped the drop in volume at the tail off. I don't recall selecting the noise gate. Another problem I have is having one of the six loops tracks left, Audio bus will not allow recording. There is clearly one track left.

  • I must say now with PPG it sounds superb. It seemed to be a glitch in one of my projects exclusivley. Really glad PPG is hooked up to Loopy via Audiobus.

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