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I use loopy on the ipad and I've been having problems with the tracks responding to my touch input. Is this a known problem? Happens when i swipe to enable re-record and sometimes just when I touch the track to arm/disarm. Its really screwing up my workflow. Maybe the advanced gesture stuff is interfering with being able to simply single tap.


  • I've had the same problem. Seems like it began after the most recent update. Also cannot enable count in.

  • Thanks, guys - I'll look into this.

  • Did you make sure your Ipad screen is perfectly clean ?
    Might sounds dumb, but I had the problem once... :)

  • Just for the hell of it... In case its relevant. I've got a brand new iPad with the retina screen... And I swear the screen just isn't Any where near as sensitive as the retina screen on the iPhone. Crazy as it sounds, it has actually got more sensitive now that I've attached a protective film (even though Apple doesn't recommend them). Truth is stranger than fiction!

  • Out of curiosity, might this be a factor of running too many apps at once? Missing UI events is a pretty common symptom of an overloaded CPU...

  • Same problem here. After recent update to iOS 6. Especially the clear button is unpredictable. No other apps running. Running in flight mode.
    What more can I do?
    Have to use the app professionally (childrens theater) Probably have to use my RC50.
    Not happy!!


  • Is there an easy way to downgrade to iOS 5 without losing all my files

  • I have actually heard reports of iOS 6 behaving very poorly on older devices (what device do you have?) - unfortunately, thanks to some very poor decisions at Apple leadership, it's not possible to downgrade once you've upgraded.

  • Hi Michael,

    I have and iPad 2 WiFi 64 GB.
    Cleaned the screen, did everything possible to make it work better.
    Sometimes there is no problem, sometimes the app behaves upredictably after a swipe in that area. Just the way Nugz explained

  • Okay, thanks guys - I'll keep an eye on this and see if there's something I can do on my end.

  • same problem for me too with clear function. sometimes yes, sometimes no. ipad2 and loops HD 1.3

  • Matt at blip interactive seems to be trying to suss out similar issues with Nanostudio.

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