Future Feature Idea - Quantized track triggering and timeshifting

Hi Michael,
as twittered. I would really love to see a configurable option that in additon to the fade in / fade out lets me set a quantized trigger for a track.

i.e. Loopy is aware of how my measures are in a track. When that new option would be set to 1/1 then as long as the track is muted i could tap it and once it completes 1 circle it would be activated to play. This could really push loopy's Jamming capabilities up a notch because i could hush over all tracks back and forth to activate deactivate them but this would always be in sync with my settings.

This addition would form the basis of my next proposal. It would be nice to be able to switch on a quantization grid in the waveform circle in correspondance to how many measures a track has. When shifting the waveform with the 2 finger gesture now you could snap this to the quantization set in idea 1. Off course you could switch that on and off as well in the track management config area.

Just two ideas that came to my mind. I mainly do electronic music which relies on synciness. So while the live aspect is so tempting for my type of music i'd be grateful to have these at my disposal :).

See U


  • Isn't that first suggestion similar to the count-in function? But yours differs because you could set it for however many measures you wanted it to play for before it reactivates, right?

  • In the meanwhile I checked this. Yes probably. The triggering should be fine now. My bad. But still timeshifting with the twisting gesture to snap to a quantization grid wold be easier. You can do it by ear, no problem but it would be much faster and convenient.

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