Recording synths and other instruments through Audiobus into Loopy suggestion

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I am not sure if this has been discussed yet as Audiobus was just released yesterday. (And btw amazing piece of software, well done)

I've been recording with Soundprism, Sunrizer, etc into Audiobus and looping with Loopy HD and I am finding it difficult to sync up with the tracks in Loopy because I cannot see where Loopy is in it's cycle. I've tried count ins, and had some success but my loops usually end up delayed or with a small space on the loop making it pointless.

I was going to suggest actually having a visual queue on the the record button that follows Loopy's sync cycle that way when you are recording you can see where you need to punch in, or at least have a 1, 2, ,3 ,4 before Loopy returns to the cycle. I understand for people using a mic, or midi keyboard you can look at Loopy and see the sync cycle but if you switch to Soundprism or are inside an app it's not apparent.

Maybe someone has a solution for this already? I can't seem to find one besides using a midi keyboard and playing the notes while watching loopy or... jailbreaking my ipad and downloading Quasar so I can watch Loopy as I punch in parts.

I think the majority of my challenge is the loops I am creating on the synths are rhythmically complicated and if they arent started exactly the "1" they sound pretty bad.

Any feedback is appreciated.


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