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I bought loopy hd with the intention of playing a keyboard/EWI and using Loopy to well, loop. :) I have an iRig midi and an ipad 3. I tried hooking up my Roland keyboard, and no go. Then I tried the Akai EWI4000S, still nothing. The only thing that makes it into loopy is the keys clicking or the sound of me breathing. :)

I guess I'm hoping that loopy would collect the midi information, and then send it back out through the instrument that played it in. Am I totally in the wrong here?

Is the midi interface only good for the "binding" function, or can it talk to other instruments?

I'm starting to wonder if the best way to use this would be to run an audio line from a mixer in to the ipad. But, if I did that, since there is only one audio jack, how would I get the sounds back out.

Hopefully, you guys will only laugh a little while pointing out the obvious thing I am missing. :)

BTW, even if this does not work for what I envisioned, I am very impressed by the time Michael puts in to this forum. You are doing a great job.



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    Hey Jim, Loopy is an audio (of course Digital) program. You are correct that to record your keyboard you need to connect the audio output to your iDevice. Loopy only uses MIDI for control using bindings.
    I am not a MIDI keyboard guy, so hopefully some one more knowledgable will chime in on the possibilities available with one. There are of course synth Apps that work over MIDI, but Loopy can't directly record them (unless you have Audiobus and the Synth App supports it).
    There are a number of posts on basic rig set-ups, best hardware, etc. There are simple cables to make the connection through the headphone jack (results vary, noisy recordings most often). iRig like devices ( connect to the dock connector) that digitize the analog audio (quality recordings, but can be quite pricey - 1 to 4 channels in, stereo out, output monitor, MIDI, and maybe video out)
    Hope that gets you started. Do some searching on the forum, there are a lot of examples

  • Thanks, I appreciate the help.

  • Quite a few people have bought loopy thinking it was a MIDI looper. I'd love that personally!

  • I'm afraid at this point I have no plans to add a MIDI synthesizer to Loopy - it's just not what Loopy's for.

    But: This is why I made Audiobus. Just grab Sunrizer or NLog or SoundPrism or any other Audiobus-compatible synth soon to come, and record that into Loopy.

  • Oh, and thank you Jim! =)

  • I don't think he's looking for a MIDI synthesizer. He's looking for way to record loops of MIDI and have those trigger external (or perhaps virtual) instruments.

    @uncashim, Thumbjam may actually do this. I know it will record any MIDI data along with audio when presented to its looper. Not sure if it actually sends the midi loops on playback though. I doubt it. Genome is a MIDI-only recording app that works with patterns. Creating those patterns is not quick or smooth like Loopy but it may be what you're after.

  • Hey, I think I figured it out! I bought an adapter from RadioShack (gotta love it) that will separate the in and out from the headphone jack. I will route that and my synths through my mixer board and make it work. Haven't tried it yet, but I'm pretty sure that will do it. I was looking at it the wrong way before. Also, I can use all four sound generators at the same time this way and all loopy has to do is listen and loop. Way cool! I may have to look at foot pedals now, so i can change sounds without having to put down the EWI. Thanks again for the help. Jim

  • So I tried, and I was wrong :( Unfortunately Ganfother hit it on the head. Too much noise. I have 4 lines out (including ipad itself which I'm sure audiobus could help with) that I would like to route into Loopy. The problem I can't seem to wrap my brain around (even if I buy some sort of interface) is how to send all of the sounds individually into Loopy without getting what is already looping recorded again. For instance - If I want to start the looping with drum sounds from one sound module, then change programs on that module to add bass, and then switch modules for a lead sound... I was trying to figure out how to do that with my mixer board, but I'm not sure how to send just one sound to loopy while sending everything to the mains.
    My main issue, from what I can tell, that differs from most of the posts I've read is that I have no intention of using my voice (nobody needs to hear that :)) or a guitar. I would just be using keyboard and EWI. Also, I don't plan on using sounds from apps, I want to use the sounds generated by my tone generators. I hope I explained this well enough. I'm leaning toward something like the Alesis dock, but I might wait for the new Behringer.
    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! There may be another way to do this that you guys know that I haven't found. Thanks, Jim

  • Ganthofer...sorry, dyslexia is a horrible thing :)

  • No problem, I read(heard) worse ;-).
    I may have some ideas for your work(play)flow. But first I need to think it through and organize my thoughts so I don't just complicate and confuse things more.
    Also, I just got my midi foot controller so I'm in play mode at the moment :-)

  • OK, I think I need to ask a few questions to zero in on exactly what you want to accomplish.

    How many sources do you have/want to feed into Loopy to make loops. (e.g. Keyboard, EWI (electronic wind instrument?),...)?

    Is you goal to do Live Performance or make recordings with the loops or ?

    General info (from my point of view):

    • typically the output from Loopy is the final product. The loops are merged, overdubbed, started, stopped within Loopy itself. Also volume and panning, but they might be done on a mixer if you feed it the output of Loopy.

    • if you perform live, you may be creating the "backing track" using Loopy and then playing the lead part live while you manipulate the loops (intro, verse, chorus, ...). In which case the lead part could be passed through Loopy (headphone monitoring - on) or directly to your sound system (or mixer board or external recorder or ...).

    • if making recordings with Loopy, then you would probably feed the output of Loopy to headphones, but if you are not using any microphones for input, then there's no real advantage.

    • Input connections analog - only 1 input channel. Some people simply unplug one source and plug in the next source. As I mentioned earlier, the analog headphone jack can be quite noisy. Part of the problem is Impedance mismatch. I haven't found any specs. on it. I can connect a microphone with a transformer adapter (Lo-Z to Hi-Z) XLR to 1/4 with good results. Some of my guitar effects pedals work OK, but not reliably.

    • Input connections via dock connector (digital) - 4 are the most input channels I've read about on hardware for iPad. As far as I know, Loopy only records a max of 2 at a time ( stereo - Left and Right). But you could have 4 mono ( or 2 stereo) analog audio sources connected to such an I/O interface and select from with in Loopy which are recorded.

    Sorry if I've gotten side tracked here. Let me know if any of this is helpful.

    @ALL - please correct me if Any of the information is wrong.

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