Audiobus is here!

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In case anyone missed it: Audiobus has launched, meaning inter-app audio routing is finally here.

The latest version of Loopy and Loopy HD supports Audiobus (check out some of the demo videos below), and it's on sale for the launch.

Here's the introduction video:

See more at, and download it at

Here are some demoes showing it in action:


  • This question stems from both ignorance and frugality: will nlogMIDI filter vocal effects? As I'm primarily a beatboxer/singer before anything else musically, I just want to make sure it'll actually do what I need it to. Thanks for any and all help!

  • Yep, sure will @Nassaniel_. You just use the Audiobus mic input, with NLog in the effects position.

  • @Michael, how? I have Nlog MIDI and i don't know how to filter vocal effects, i think it's because the effects are in the iPad Version. If i'm wrong please tell me how to filter Vocal FX's because i hate JamUp...

  • Awesome, thanks @Michael! Your responsiveness and interest in what people like/need/wish to see floors me. You're like an app developer version of Walt Disney: you have an intuition for human connection that millions and billions of dollars can't recreate, teach, or pass on. It comes natural, and you're using it to help people fuel and further their creatives passions. I thank God for you, my friend! Keep pushing onward!

  • Wow, thank you @Nassaniel_ =) That's a lovely thing to say!

    @Gustavo - Ah, you could be right. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with NLog on the iPhone. This is probably a question for Rolf. (

  • Has anyone had problems with Loopy crashing when scrolling through the control panel when connected to Audiobus? I'm trying to determine if ths is a clock or user setup issue or a bug. Thanks!

  • If crashing, it's most definitely a bug =) If you sent in the bug report from Loopy, it'll be in my control panel here, and I'll have a look when I'm working on the next update over the next weeks.

  • I've been able to recreate the crash consistently. Would it be of use to you if I detailed the steps that caused it along with my config?

  • Yes, absolutely, that would be most helpful.

  • Sounds like the same thing I've found... If you scroll the control panel back past the divide/ Multiply loop length panel, back to the one that would have the metronome if it was not embedded into Audiobus, Loopy bails. It does the same thing when you flip the panel the other way (I hadn't realised it revolves right back around until it bailed that way as well). I sent the email... It looked like it was having trouble determine the number of audio channels. However, I didn't manage to put this text at the front of the email - it got away from me :)

  • Ah, I've figured this out; it's definitely something to do with multichannel inputs & Audiobus. I'll get this sorted for the next update.

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