Tascam iU2, iPad 3 and Loopy 1.3.1

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I realized that the iU2 still has some issue with the 3rd generation iPad and I think that the problems are related in some way to the high resolution display.
For example: if I simply listen to the iPod music in background (through the iU2) and I zoom in/out some photos I quickly obtain crackle and pops...

Anyway, luckily, music apps don't use intensive graphic processing so I can play with GarageBand or Amplitube for hours without a single problem.
Unfortunately with Loopy 1.3.1 I have some of this problems. The best workaround I found (so far) is to turn off the screen (I use a MIDI pedalboard so I can play with loops without looking at the iPad screen). In this way I never hear a click...

FYI, I tried to downgrade to Loopy 1.2.1 and it's much more stable with Tascam iU2.
I don't know if something's changed on the graphical side of the app... maybe it's just a matter of CPU power, but I wonder why I can't replicate the issue with GarageBand even with a lot of tracks and effects on. I'm just worried about Audiobus and I can't find anything like the iU2 on the market (audio, midi and charging device at the same time).


  • @Michael & Balla

    I had to skip on last 2 updates to be able to use loopy without any flaws.
    Hope at some point now that audiobus is here... (somewhere lol) these issues will be addressed.

    Loopy for iphone (version 2.2 works OK, any newer have MIDI and audio issues)
    iphone 4s
    iOS 6
    Tascam IU2

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    That's very odd! This starved-CPU glitch thing is a very odd beast - one of my testers, a cellist who makes a living live-looping using Loopy, has a 3rd generation iPod Touch, and has told me with great glee that the latest update for Loopy has fixed any problems he had with glitches in the past.
    I honest don't know how it's happening. All I can say is.. are you running anything else in the background?

    Loopy will continue to improve and get more optimal as time goes on, and these devices will continue to improve too, so it'll be less of an issue over time. Pretty vexing now, though.

  • Unfortunately, even with all possible cautions (all apps closed, restart, airplane mode, "do not disturb") and only one track playing I can still replicate the problem simply recalling few times the menu on the tracks (delete, re-record, etc.) with those smooth animations.
    I think that the problems with the iU2 are the graphic transitions...

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