Consistent crashing when importing loops from " Drumloops HD"

edited December 2012 in Support and Feedback

Hi everytime I try to paste a loop from "DrumloopsHD" it will crash Loopy.
The problem is specific to the combination of the 2 programs together.
Drumloops HD paste into other programs is fine,and Loopy imports fine from other programs.
Does anybody have any Idea? Or is this one for the programmers.


  • Hey Frank - The Drum Loops HD guys just let me know about this, and I'm looking into it. Out of curiosity, are you on the latest version? (Loopy 2.4.1 or Loopy HD 1.3.1)

  • Hi Michael,Thanx a lot for the swift service I am on Loopy HD 1.3.1

  • No problem!
    Right, okay - I'm going to fix this and release an update soon.

  • Hi Michael,
    Thnx a lot, ( going to dl audiobus now , cant wait ;-) )

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