Multi midi commands with one button push

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Many foot controllers have the ability to send multiple cc's,note on,etc.. with one button push. Anyone successfully using this capability to stop current recording loop and start recording another, or any other applications using multiple commands?

I don't have an iOS device ( yet ) and it is hard to understand Loopy's capabilities without using it. My searches here haven't answered that question clearly. (the search engine here could use some help, I think)

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  • Hello
    Short answer : no
    Long answer : there's midi actions that combines multiple actions into Loopy, so you may assign a foot controler to these. So if the multi action into Loopy does not exist (yet) you can't do exactly what you want.

    But I'm sure it will do sooner or later (thanks to Michael)

  • Haven't tried it but if you're in sync recording mode and using a midi controller, does this work?

    1. Start recording a track
    2. At any time before it's finished trigger 'toggle record and select next track'
    3. At any time before it's finished trigger 'record'

    If everything is synced, that second record should happen at the end of the current track's record cycle. Again, have not actually tried this.

  • I did a lttle testing you may be interested in. Let me know if you have any suggestions or if you notice any mistakes leading to wrong conclusions.

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    Happy New Year all,

    Anybody managed to get to the bottom of whether the original question asked in this thread is possible? I still don't see a DEFINITE answer on the forum. Still trying to decide whether it's worth buying an iPad and Loopy2 for my looping needs.

    Again, either through multiple commands sent or combining midi bindings within
    Loopy :

    button press 1) > start record track one

    button press 2) > end recording and stop track one & start recording track two
    .... etc.

    Just want to know if someone has ACTUALLY achieved this or not.

    Thanks, Otis

  • From my testing/experimenting with an FCB1010 Footcontroller and an iO Dock (Loopy in synchronize mode - count-in/out), I would say not possible at this time.

    Michael is aware of a number of requests and I have not exhausted all my possible solutions, as well as the possibility that it may be possible with other hardware (MIDI controllers). I have installed a couple of iPad MIDI control surface apps ( haven't dug into the to see if they support multiple command sending), but that would only be useful if one of your hands is free.

    The first one is no problem. Start record track # or Start record next track.

    The second one, I can start track 2 recording as soon as track one stops recording, but track one immediately starts playing at the end of recording. Which is of course what you want some times.

    It would require another button press (manually timed to right after track 2 starts recording) to silence track 1 ( send 2 consecutive mute track 1 messages).

    I haven't investigated unsynchronized mode, as there is no way to que the next track ( like there is when using synchronized mode).

  • Multiple Bindings -
    I also need multiple bindings available to solo play multiple tracks at once via one midi program change command. I want to loop separate verse, chorus, bridge song sections (4 loops each) and jump between sections on the fly via Program Change group solo, with the ability to mute parts within a section like drop the bass loop while the drum and keyboard loops continue to play. Then select a program change button soloing another 4 loop song section on the fly.

    I know other people are not this complicated but I thought it would not be a problem. Maybe we could have a switch to turn the feature off if single binding is a safety feature of some kind.

  • I setup Program changes on 4 different midi channels on one button press (Rocktron All Access Pedal) to see if loopy would treat them as separate commands and allow me to assign multiple assignments. Loopy only saw the highest midi Chanel command making multiple bindings impossible.

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    Loopy can certainly handle multiple incoming MIDI messages no problem.

    You will have to figure out how to send the messages one at a time when you create the bindings. @purplerock2012 is right that "making multiple bindings" can't be done, because Loopy makes bindings via MIDI learn one at a a time, not in groups.

    But if you can work around the MIDI learn process, Loopy can receive all sorts of MIDI changes simultaneously.

  • I believe pretty much any of this would be possible using MIDIBridge, as it has almost limitless routing flexibility, but haven't figured out how to do it. Anyone tried it?

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