recording verse to chorus to bridge

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Wondering if you can record verse, then chorus and then bridge (of different lengths ) in succession -- without having to wait for just recorded loop to play back before starting the recording of the next one.

In other words record verse, hit button on midi controller which stops recording of verse while simultaneously starting recording of chorus ..etc. These loops wouldn't need to sync to each other.

Thanks, O


  • Have a good read of this forum... I think the possibilities of Loopy on this regard have been discussed... Ad nauseum (sorry about the Latin!)

  • Read quite a bit, but the threads keep leading me back to where I started. ( Circulus vitosis. )
    I assume the answer to my question is no - "at this point in time". (Non potest tamen ?! )

    Michael, this does look promising. It has definitely got my interest.

    Respect, O

  • Hey, I'm really interested in this as well. @garywi06 can you point us in the direction of a thread on this subject? Or can anyone provide some insight?

  • I've started working towards this - the latest addition is the "Toggle record, mute, then select next track", which you can use for the first step, there. Of course, that doesn't automatically start recording the next track.

    So, that might be the next step - "Toggle record, mute, then start recording next track", perhaps?

  • (note that a double-tap on that record,mute,select action will do the same thing too, because it'll start the selected track recording if it isn't already)

  • The toggle record, mute, then start recording next track would be perfect! I suppose they would have to be the same length though.

    Would I do the double tap on the new track to make your other suggestion work?

  • Oh, no, I mean double-triggering the 'toggle record, mute, select next track' action. So, send one MIDI trigger to stop the recording, then immediately after, send another to start recording the newly-selected track.

  • Oh I see. Yes, that could work. Then I'd have to manually punch out of that track. Cool.

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    Michael said: "So, that might be the next step - ' "Toggle record, mute, then start recording next track" ', perhaps?"

    As long as ONE button press STOPS the first loop recording and STARTS the next loop recording,(without length of second loop having to be a multiple of, or equal to first loop) then that would be what we're looking for. Having fun watching the progress.

    Thanks for your attention to this Michael. Look forward to trying it when it becomes a reality. I , again, don't have an iOS device, but if this works - I will! ( It would be nice if Apple funded some of the creative app developers towards this end ,yes?)

    Nicolai, check this thread for more on this aspect of the ongoing development Michael is looking to implement :

  • Thanks for directing me to that link. That would be AWESOME to have some of those boomerang features. I wonder how far off those might be for loopy - or if they will ever be a part of the app.

    I'm learning to use loopy in a way that makes it more like the boomerang - but it's still got some features that loopy doesn't. For now, since Michael is so awesome, I think I might devote all of my time to loopy instead of getting the boomerang and learning that as well (or instead). It sounds like some of the features that I really want are forthcoming so I'm excited about that!

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