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Hello, it is Rene from Genoa Italy, congratulations for your work: I love loopy, and I look forward to "touch" Audiobus! I am writing to solve this problem: I exported from iphone to mac some loopy sessions using Itunes, now I want to import them into my ipad, but the files are no longer ".loopysessions", in fact export were unpacked in multiple files: Session Data.xml and a media folder that contains audio.
How do I reassemble the files into one loopysession before importing again with Itunes?
Someone else here in the forum has had the same problem?
Thanks to everyone for the help
P.S. sorry for the English probably not correct, I used the google translator


  • i think you can create a zip with those files and drag that zip into the loopy documents folder. Loopy should handle the rest.

  • Syrupcore thanks, I thought of a solution of this kind, but I did not think possible. instead could be the solution. I'll try and post it on the forum the result.

  • It works perfectly, Syrupcore, is exactly as you say: just compress the folder that contains the files and import it in loopy through itunes, to unpack it thinks the app itself.
    Ok, maybe it's a question that I had just me ... however, if someone else were to serve this information, now you all know as it gets!
    Thanx again Syrupcore, and now we wait ... Audiobus!

  • No problem. Glad it worked.

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