FX in loopy?

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First of all, i dont speak too much english so i will try to explain me how i can.I wanted to know if there is going to be fxs in loopy, if not, which app can I use to put fxs in my loops, can I use audiobus? I want i want to use it like this; Loopy (recording the loops on loopy) ---> FX app (giving my loops some fx) ---> loopy ( here I will have the loop with the fx already. Thanks and sorry for my bad English.


  • can't do it just yet but you'll be able to with audiobus. Michael was planning to add effects directly into loopy at one point. I wonder if audibus will make that less of a priority.

  • Actually, Audiobus is kinda my seriously roundabout way of implementing FX in Loopy ;-)

    I'll be adding more in-app stuff soon, though.

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    word. With audiobus in place, seems like 'why do this thing other people are already doing and doing well?' when there are probably a million other things you'd like to do with loopy.

    I did have an idea for an 'effect' last night that would help me a lot. A high pass/low pass, loopy style. the top/center of the ring is 0 effect. left is low cut off (high pass), right is high cut off. Just to the right of center would be low passing at say 10k, all the way to the right would more like 1k. Just to the left would be high passing at say 50hz and all the way to the left would be more like 1k. I'd use it constantly to clean up recorded loops. I'm talking about a fixed -6db or -12db sloped EQ, not 'OMG DJ EFFECT FILTERZ".

    Not at all a 'request', just thinking out loud.

  • I like the idea of having a FX to clean up the records, I think it would be nice. Thank you :)

  • Also I would like some FX like reverb, echo, etc.

  • Sounds good, @syrupcore.
    @Gustavo - audiobus =D

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