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Hi all, I just started using Loopy (iphone) today and I'm sure there is a workaround for this issue, but I have downloaded some 1 bar loops and attempted to import them into loopy. Loopy plays the loop back, but seems to truncate off the first bit of the loop so I don't hear a distinctive downbeat but rather an edited stutter.

any thoughts as to how to resolve this?


  • Yeah, just imported my first 'imports' and have found the same problem. I do remember reading something about that here on the forum...I'll have a look around here. Does anyone else remember? I think it was an issue to be checked out by Michael iirc...

  • Hey - it definitely could be the same thing as in that thread, and thus probably resolved in the next version, but it could also be something else. If you guys're up for it, maybe email me the original audio, and the resulting imported loop from Loopy (via track hold -> share -> email), and I'll take a look (I'm michael at atastypixel dot com).

  • Thanks, Michael, I'd be happy to send them off. Thanks for the great support.

  • My pleasure =)

  • so the issue still persists. I tried re bouncing the loops from protools, where they loop seamlessly. bounced to mp3s and they still loop seamlessly. try to import to loopy and they hesitate just before beat 1 every time. almost like they are being truncated to a slower tempo master beat. weird. would love to be able to use loopy for our live setting but as of now it seems a bit buggy unless I'm just missing something obvious. Do i need to make sure the master loopy tempo is exactly the same as the imported loop?

  • @johntunes have you tried fiddling with Settings->Track Management->Fit Imported Loops?

  • I have the hope that the fixes I made in the next update (coming on the 10th) will address this - I'm keeping an eye on the issue, though, and have the loops @stjambience emailed me to look through (sorry about the delay, by the way, @stjambience - it's been a very busy couple of weeks!)

  • Hey there, no worries! I figured the 'bus was taking up a fair chunk of the wetdrive. Looking forward to the update :)

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    Done! This should hit the App Store any minute - I'm releasing the update early. Let me know how it goes.

  • Early...rad!

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