Possible to add 0dB tone generator and meter for input levels?

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Would be nice to have a visual meter of the input levels so that you know the gains are properly set going into the app. Also, a test tone switch added to the settings window would be good. Thoughts?


  • Actually, the panel at the bottom has an input and output level meter =)

    If you'd like a 0db tone, why not keep one as a loop, and open it when needed?
  • I guess I was thinking more of a way to identify where 0dB lies on that meter. Would help get the max signal into the app without clipping. Good idea with the tone loop for checking the output gain.

    I had an idea last night when playing with the app. It would be nice to be able to fade in and out of all loops with one control; a universal volume. Is there currently a way to do this?
  • Ahh yes, that's a very good point. I'll make it more clear. I've been meaning to add a clip warning too, both for input and output (perhaps identifying the track causing the clipping, if possible) - I'll see what I can do.

    Ah, currently there's no global fade - would you want to trigger it via MIDI control, or in the app interface itself? (the former is easier, the latter would require figuring out how to nicely present it in the interface without clutter - always a bit tricky)
  • Honestly, the latter would be better IMO. Couldn't you add a new tab to the global controls on the main screen? You could just toggle to it. You might add a mute all button as well. (this on makes me a little nervous, however...accidentally pressing it when trying to use the vol slider could suck). Just some thoughts!

    Love what you have created, and can't wait to see how it grows
  • Cheers for the feedback - I'll have a think about it!
  • (Oh, and thanks heaps for the kind words!! =))
  • Of course!

    Got another idea for you. How about adding a way to label each loop. If you wanted to load a session with pre-recorded loops, it might be nice to have labels so you know what's what. If you were performing a show, you might have too many loops to remember. And/or, you could change colors of loops so you know (for example) blue loops are drums, red is your melody, yellow is your bass, etc. Then you don't need to necessarily have words on the nice graphical display. Just another thought. Thanks again
  • Ah, yes - I am planning on adding something like this. I'm definitely leaning more towards colour-coding, though, rather than actual text labels, which will make the interface look a little like ass, I suspect ;-)
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