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Hi Michael

Firstly, amazing work on Loopy HD! It's incredibly intuitive and well thought through. As a musician it's very refreshing to find a looping app that is so accessible technically as well as muscially, and with only a few uses it's clear the scope of this app is absolutely endless. 12 tracks?! Absurd! :)

Anyway, I'm not sure if it's been asked before - apologies if it has - but purely out of interest, what sound was recorded to produce the waveform on the splash screen graphic / logo?

I'm curious to know if it has any relevance to the app or importance to you personally, as it doesn't look like it's simply the word "Loopy" spoken.



  • Best question ever.

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    Art Director has spoken.

  • Haha! Brilliant - and thanks, @revenski =)

    Actually, now I feel bad, cos the answer's really boring! I had a certain shape for the waveform in mind, so it's basically just me going "aaaaAAAAAAaa" in one loop, and then just a few claps overdubbed on top to give it extra shape. yawn

    ...I'd like to say it was something like one of the canal boats in Champagne, France where we were living while I was doing much of the finishing-up work, but... I guess I'm not that creative ;-)

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