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Loopy does more than any other sample recording/looping app I've found for iPhone, but it still isn't allowing me to get my ideas out very well. This is because there are only 6 sample channels and there's no sequencer. I get that 6 is probably the polyphony limit of iOS, but trying to make a whole song out of just 6 samples man, I mean I'm not Fatboy Slim, ok? If I can't construct verses, choruses and so on, how can I make a song? Think about how easy it is to just bang out ideas beatboxing in Ableton Live for instance... I don't need FX and MIDI and all the fancy stuff - just loops that sync with unlimited tracks (even if limited polyphony) so I can listen back to my song ideas and feel out which ones are catchy enough to be worth producing into real tracks.


  • Update: I found an app that does what I want! It's called studio.M and it's very easy to beatbox rhythms and hum melodies into its sequencer to build out song ideas on the go. Very happy with it so far, so wanted to share.

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    Thanks for sharing ! I guess Studio M + Audiobus + Loopy should enhance the solution. :)

  • Loopy can do 12 tracks at a time. Look in the settings.

  • @freakygeeky Thanks for the tip! BTW is there a way to record more measures? So that for every 2 cycles of the rhythm there is 1 cycle of the melody, in order to have a 2-bar melody with a 1-bar rhythm that repeats twice?

  • It would be cool if there were a way to use both Loopy and studio.M together, by copy-pasting audio loops I create in Loopy into the sequencer of studio.M

  • yes Q_A. Record the first loop at whatever length you want and then use the multipliers to set the loop length on subsequent loops to either longer or shorter.

    You can copy loops out of loopy but I don't know if studio.M supports audio paste. Hold your finger on a loop in loopy and tap 'share' to see the export options.

    Eventually, there will be 'audiobus' and god and rick james and benny hill will all be available to help us out.

  • I copy and paste between Loopy and Nanostudio. The latter app has a very nifty sequencer (amongst many other goodies), for ordering loopy loops. It's a good workflow combination - loopy is good for on-the-fly songwriting inspiration, and NS is good for more measured manipulation and crafting. In also use Nanostudio's wireless transfer facility to get my loopy stuff onto to my laptop (itunes transfer doesn't work for me).

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