Multichannel sound OUTPUT from Loopy, possible?

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I’m using loopy for live performances right now but got this idea of utilizing it for creating multichannel sound installation, ipad mini is so easy to hide) loopy work and look beautiful on it btw…

I’m thinking of using something like ESI Gigaport HD+, supposed to be coreAudio compartible…

Of course it would work great for sending sound to external mixers or effects...

Is iOS coreAudio supports multiple outputs at all,couldn't find any confirmation...

Thank you!


  • If it's simply going to be looping sounds and hidden, a cheap used pc laptop might be a good option.

  • Yeah,well,you could say the same about anything you ca do with loopy, laptop will do it all...

    But i already have an ipad, and would like to continue to use it...

    Thanks for suggestion anyways)

  • sorry, I was assuming when you said 'installation' that it would be the sort of thing you would leave there for a month and buy an ipad mini explicitly for that use.

  • I'm semi-keen on getting multichannel out going at some point anyway - I really like the idea. I think it'd be particularly useful for situations where, for example, you wanna send a metronome out to the drummer. Plus, of course, running various output through other hardware.

  • particularly useful for situations where, for example, you wanna send a metronome out to the drummer

    This is exactly what I'm waiting for!

  • +1 for, at least, the metronome for the drummer assignable to an output.
    Multichannel opens new vast possibilities of course, but what soundcards do we have for Ipad with multiple outputs at the moment ?
    I guess for the drummer, if it's possible to use the Ipad jack out to assign the metronome, and using at the same time a "usual" USB soundcard where metronome could be switched off, it could be great, for not much developpement. (???)

  • syrupcore,yes,installation,buy that was only one of the possible applications, also i might build on-screen controller in touchosc orsomething and control loopythrough vitrual midi or osc and let ppublic control stuff(does loopy accept osc or virtual midi btw?,hehe)

    as for soundcards,there's ESI gigaport HD+ for example, eight outputs, CoreAudio compartible...

  • ...Yep, Loopy supports Virtual MIDI

  • I really really really want to be able to assign the click to another out put

  • Yep, I want this too, @Mr_ferrari2002. It's on my todo list.

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