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I think a lot of the stuff I need to access from the sidebar panels could be compacted into a single panel. When in 'the moment', I'd love to avoid swiping that thing. I recognize that this particular collection of items may be completely personal to my own workflow but I'm hoping something like it would be useful to other people as well. I'd love to hear other people's thoughts on what would be on the 'master panel' of their dreams.

My thought is that this wouldn't need to replace any of the current screens, it could just be added as the first one. Though, for me anyway, it could replace the current 'play/pause + levels' screen pretty seamlessly.


  • Panel background shows input level and perhaps output level as well. Much like the current levels screen but backgrounded behind other controls and full height. 
  • Current loop multiplier
  • metronome on/off
  • play/pause

Stuff that may fit on the ipad version:

  • multiply/divide loop multiplier
  • tap tempo with tempo as number inside of the button
  • input selection flyout (same dot-symbols that populate the input panel now, just shown horizontally across the screen after tapping the single button on the panel).

FWIW, these are the settings items I often tap into and wouldn't mind seeing as shortcuts on this panel, providing there's inclination and room***.

  • save session
  • midi screen (for setting up sync)
  • synchronize tracks

*** when I say 'room', I don't mean cramming crap on a screen just because there are available pixels. Michael, I totally appreciate your reluctance to add UI noise. It keeps loopy a breath of fresh air. Indeed, part of the reason I'm even bothering to suggest this is to reduce UI interactions further by grouping commonly used items onto a single panel.

Thanks for reading,


  • and, forgive me for dreaming out loud here but so long as we're dreaming of a universe with infinite hours and infinite Michaels....

    [V] and [P] buttons to set all of the tracks on screen to 'volume' or 'pan' mode so you could see/control the mix all at once. :)

  • That sounds pretty good, Will - I'm totally up for a rethink of the panel, and this sounds reasonable. If anyone else is reading this, what controls are you using most? It'd be good to figure out the most generally often-used ones. Or if it needs to be configurable, perhaps.

  • I'd like to have always on top (or easily accessible):

    • play/pause
    • loop length
    • tap tempo

    I think that you can simplify control using something like "long tap and drag": the same button for tap tempo and (long press and drag) to speed up and down the bpm.
    I don't know if it's hard to implement but I find very smart and useful the "fine scrubbing" on iOS player... I think that would be perfect for loopy for the tempo: during the drag, if I move away from the control, the movement become more precise.
    You can use this for the loop length too: tap&swipe up and down to change multiplier (2, 4, 8, etc), long press and drag for fine settings (4, 5, 6, etc)

    My 2 cents...

  • Ooh, that's an excellent idea, @Balla. Love it.

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