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You guys are great. I can't describe how happy it makes me to see all the conversations happening here, people looking for and getting help with hardware, discussions on new features and ways to make the best of existing ones.

So, you know. Thanks and stuff. Keep it up.


  • Thanks for the great app, the forum, and now audiobus! You're killin it. Loopy has got me into making music again.

  • Once again, your modesty amazed all of us, I'm 100% sure of that...
    Thanks to YOU Michael !
    Talent deserve success, we are just following the right guy the best we can !

  • Aww =) Thanks heaps guys.

  • yeah, what crony said. When you think about the world from the perspective of 'what can I do in my life to create actual value for people', you're totally fucking killing it. I feel like I robbed you with my crummy eight bucks.

    I'm glad the forum is a nice place too.

  • Damn, that's a lovely thing to say. Cheers @syrupcore =)

  • +1 on the loopy love.

  • U tha man ! Lol : now I'm wondering something because you are an innovator as such - could you invent a codec that streams sample libraries into mp3 high quality formatted kontakt like plug in ???
    go on , think about it ;) now that would really spin the whole iOS world right on its head ! if anyone can you can cause your tha man !

  • I'm thinking eastwest lass audiobro possibilities ! That would be triumphant to say the least xx

  • Haha - I'm afraid... I have no idea what that means =) But trust me, after Audiobus... my innovating days are O-V-E-R for a time. After 12 months' solid product development I'm lucky if I'd be able to innovate a glass of water. I mean, how do you make the water fit perfectly up against the sides of the glass? Beats me.

  • Lol fair enough mate ! x

  • And then you'd have to get 12 developers to agree that it's transparent. Don't even get started on full/empty.

    Doesn't matter. Someone has to make something called audiobro.

  • Lol audiobro is a company that developerd an orchestral library called LASS strings - it's a 20 gig compressed orchestral library which is loaded onto kontakt player as basically a plug in - as adventurous as it is to speculate a kind of mp3 plug on version a d what might seem impossible my thoughts turn to auria DAW , they have helped change the game for ipad musicians : here's hoping someone cracks it someday it will be a huge turning point !
    Fxpansions bfd for ipad ? It's got to happen
    If you can turn a wav into mp3 then I'm sure there must be a company with imagination and balls out there ? Here's hoping !

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