How to record in stereo, but based on 4 tracks mixer ?

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Hello Michael,
With the Alesis IO4, which is a 4 channels mixer, I may not record all 4 tracks at the same time. I need to choose a chanel. Even if I switch to mono on the mixer, I have to choose one between the 6th possibilities (left 1 or 2, left 1and 2, right 1 or 2,right 1 and 2)
Could it be possible to add on this panel an option to choose all inputs at the same time, a kind of master ?
Someone here talked about a mixer into Audiobus, which is a very good idea, but I guess it won't work for me because I'm using hardware synths, voice, guitar...And all the levels are done already, I just need to merge all signals.


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    I forgot, I also need this signal to be merged in mono ! It's because I'm sending the master to a stereo in to an other mixer, so I have the guitar to the left, and voice to the right.
    Of course I may use 2 channels, and create the mono signal, but it takes one chanel on my (very little) mixer for nothing...

    So it's "only" two options into choosing the input channels into loopy:
    -merge all, stereo
    -merge all,mono

    At the end, I think assigning this parameter (choosing the input) for each track should be really great...Like this we could record each track independant during playing other instruments. That would require also an icon on each track to know what kind of track you have recorded, or will be recorded.

  • Huh... Damn, that's a good point. I can't believe I didn't think of that. I'll have a think about how to implement it. Probably by adding an extra option or two in the input selector.

    Can you further explain the "assigning this parameter (choosing the input) for each track" thing? I admit my brain's muddled from twelve straight months of Audiobus development, but I didn't follow, I'm afraid.

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    My 0.1 % brain working is very glad to help ! :)
    I just realized that pan/volume parameters are stored for each track even if it has been erased! This is great, like that the input choosen may not been lost if the loop is erased !
    So here's a screenshot to explain a possible visual implementation...

    EDIT : little changes to the screenshot...

  • Ahh, right! I'm with you now - thanks heaps for that, great diagram. Yes indeed, this is something I wanna implement (for Audiobus inputs, too)... There's a thread on this very topic:
    It be worth chiming in there, too.

    I'm thinking it's going to be another radial track-based control, probably a second-level menu that lets you select the input (with icons like the ones on the panel). Maybe, anyway. Still lots of thinking to go =)

  • Ha ! Havn't seen this post before ! Very good things in it !

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