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Duo capture ex

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Anyone able to tell me if this device is what I'll need to hook my gear up to my iPad to use with loopy?

From my limited knowledge, looks like it'll work, and I gather I can plug it into my mixer, and output to iPad via CCK.


  • Seems a good one, yes ! Not sure it's released yet...

  • Unless it sounds better, seems like the alesis io4 is a better deal. One thing the roland has going for it is battery operation.

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    At the moment, the Alesis IO4 is great if you use 2 inputs, the signal can't record the 4 tracks at the same time...Even if you want only to record a stereo signal based on the 4 tracks. But maybe soon it won't be a problem... (Michael ? ;) )
    But as you need only to record a stereo signal, you can switch to 24 bits with two inputs, so you may record in stereo, which is the same as the Roland + you still have two other inputs,which might be interesting for futur needs...

  • I want the Duo-Capture EX simply because of its size and form factor. The iO4 is extremely unwieldy on my pedal board.

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