Input Selection & Monitoring With iPhone earbuds

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Hi, I really like loopy on my new iPhone 5, and have been using it entirely with the supplied earbuds, the kind with the mic on the cable that has 3 rings on the 1/8" plug. That's fine for moderate quality vocal tricks like percussion, harmonies, and lead lines, but it's not very good for instruments, so I decided to pick up the Apogee Jam interface. I'm using it with the lightning-to-30 pin adapter and I'm happy to report it works without a hitch. My question has to do with monitoring and using a mic with Loopy. What I'd like to do is to use the earbud mic for all vocal work, including laying down vocal percussion tracks at the start. I'd like to use the Apogee Jam for my instruments (mando, guitar, & bass--all with 1/4" inputs into Jam). Currently when I plug in the earbuds with mic (again, 3 rings), it causes Loopy to stop playing. It's like it's waiting for something, and I can't get it to play or record. When I substituted a pair of Apple earbuds without the built in mic, everything was fine. But now I don't have easy access to vocals. I know I could solve this byrunning everything through a portable mixer (I have an old Alesis 4 channel box that would do the job), but I don't want that. Is there a way I can tell loopy to choose the correct audio input? If not, is this a reasonable feature to ask for? In terms of work flow, it really is an issue. I really want to swap back and forth between singing into my earbud mic and playing through the Apogee Jam. I don't really need to be able to play and sing simulaneously via the two different interfaces, though that would be cool, too. Thanks for reading all of this. --Adam


  • Cheers, Adam!

    I'm vaguely aware that iOS 6 seems to provide more control over audio routing, so this might be possible now. I haven't looked deeply into it, though.

    I'll keep this in mind.

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