Super confused, I honestly don't know what I need!

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So I badly wanted a looper, and nearly bought a rc-300 pedal. But found loopy at the last minute. Have bought it and now am trying desperately to figure out how to hook it up.

I want to run the following items to be looped, Roland sp-404sx sampler - rca, Korg kaoss pad 3 - RCA, guitar -1/4", octapad - 1/4", keyboard -1/4"

With all these different plugs, I'm super confused what to do. I was going to buy a mixer, which I can plug all these things into, but how do I output them all to my iPad to use with loopy? Can it be this simple?

I have an iPad 1st gen and a 4th gen with lightning connector. So can use either.

I have read plenty of posts, but honestly, I just don't understand all the jargon, and how to work it out.

I am starting to think that this computer stuff is extreme, and takes away from the music making, does plug and play exist anymore?

Help desperately required.


  • Hey Philbie !
    Don't worry, it's trully harder to setup, because it's much more powerfull too, well, I'm searching too the right,musical, config at the moment...Actually your confusion helps me to figure out to simplify things...
    Your config is very interesting as I need to plug:
    -Tc helicon voicelive touch 2
    -microkorg xl
    -FCB1010 midi controler
    Then, sync that to live, but that's an other story...

    So first question is, I think :
    Do you need each instrument to be recorded independantly by loopy? I mean during all instruments playing ? Like a multitrack recorder.
    If not, get a mixer to plug all your instruments, and a soundcard for your Ipad.
    With the mixer you send all instruments into the soundcard of Ipad, and the soundcard of Ipad send you what you've recorded into the mixer (so keep a stereo in to catch the return of Ipad, and have a mixer with an aux or 2 separate stereo outputs to have your full signal including your ipad to a main amplifier.
    This is very simple and effective. I think I'm going to think more that way.

    If you want each track separated, it's going to be hard live, because at the moment, you need to choose the input for each loop. I'm using an Alesis IO4, so 4 separates tracks, but I need to choose the entry into loopy, which is impossible because I'm playing guitar, so maybe if I may assign by midi the entry at the same time I start recording, that should be okay, but...I guess a good improvment should be to choose each entry for each track of loopy on the parameters of each track.(or am I missing something ?)

    Well, I keep testing stuffs and let you know...:)

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    Lucky for me it's all home based, and its only me trying to add the sounds together via loopy. Is this sound card you mention the alesis io4?

    Does this io4 plug into the bottom of your iPad and then into the mixer?

    My main concept is to choose an instrument and record directly to loopy, but I'd like to have each instrument going into a mixer, so it can be adjusted accordingly. (It also helps not having to unplug everything all the time). Once I'm happy with my loopy recording, I'd like to then record the finished loop into my digital multitrack, again most likely via the mixer.

    If this concept is possible, then I suppose my question becomes, which mixer can do this and what do I use to plug my iPad into all this to achieve the result.

    I think my confusion is mostly with the iPad, not knowing how to plug it into something like my guitar can, and knowing what to buy.

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    Ok, not sure for the digital multitrack recording, but I think you may just export loops done with loopy as mp3, maybe wave, avoiding resampling again.
    So finally, a possible solution is :
    -a mixer with an aux, or 2 different stereo out, personaly I use a mackie onyx I820, but it could be anything else, even without any firewire or usb connexion, and if it's for home, a behringer should be cheap and perfect.
    - a CCk, like this;
    or the offical one, wich is surely more robust, but does the same thing.(adding a USB port to Ipad)
    -a soundcard for the Ipad, there are a lot, if you have a hub usb you may use more usb soundcards because some requires more power than Ipad delivers, like the presonus (some people are using it, search other posts) , the tascam iu2 seems okay, Alesis IO4 is polyvalent and okay too, there's also a dock Alesis, which seems good as well...

    You need to be carefull with the OS of Ipad, you may have troubles with some versions ( 5. something, cause troubles, OS 6 is known to be good at the moment )

    Then you're done !

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