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Besides an effects update (which I know has already been brought up), I have three other update ideas for this app. I have used loopy but I haven't gone crazy with it yet, so I apologize if the features are already there. If so, let me know!

  1. When merging two tracks, it would be nice to have the option of merging the tracks in series instead of layering them on top of one another. This means that if i merge two tracks of equal length..i can choose to have one track follow the other...and now i would have 1 track of a length double to both the original tracks. I guess the track you are dragging would become the second half of the newly merged track and the track that stayed put would be the first have of the new longer track

  2. It would be nice to have the ability to duplicate a track.

  3. this one is a little harder to explain..hopefully i will make sense.........I love the new feature of adjusting the number of buttons on the screen...6,9 or 12. Seeing this setup got me thinking. When recording several tracks and playing something live, you are probably not just playing all the tracks at the same time...and you probably have the same tracks coming on and off for the during the verse, chorus, and bridge. It can be difficult to click a few buttons at the same time to make everything hit on the first count of the next bar. Sure you can merge those tracks together, but you lose flexibility and if you want to switch things up, you dont have much freedom. Now that we have a screen with so many buttons, it would be nice if on the 9 and 12 button screen, we had the option to use some (id say the 3 on the bottom) buttons to remember the track arrangement. For example...lets say i use 6 tracks (on the 9 track layout and leave the bottom three free)...I want to set up my Verse Arrangement..so i click and hold on the first of the bottom three buttons...this button now remembers this arrangement..at any point during playing...if i take tracks on or off...i could always hit that bottom first button and the Verse Arrangement will kick in...all the tracks i want on for the Verse arrangement will turn on and all the ones i want off for the verse arrangement would turn off....I could then switch the track arrangement...press and hold bottom middle button...and this becomes my Chorus arrangement. then you can do one for the bridge if you wish. This way i can use one click of the button to switch from chorus to verse to bridge...without having to click 2-3-or even 4 at a time. I LOVE THIS IDEA (not because its mine) so hopefully this can happen!!

Thanks for listening! Hope you like my ideas...LOOPY is a fantastic app and i cant wait for the effects to kick in!!!!


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    Without absolutely any disrespect - have a good look through the forums. Your ideas are very similar to a few others on the forum and it would probably be better to chime in to those ideas and either support them - or maybe improve them. Search for 'group mutes' or 'track mutes' using the search bar top righ corner of this site - I found way too many links to list here. He's a very responsive developer - let's be a nice, cohesive user group for him to listen too!

  • Garywi06 thanks for the advice ... I should have given a better look..ill search through the existing discussions..sorry for the lack of forum etiquette!!!

  • Thanks for the thoughts, @MarcGio, and thanks for helping to save my sanity, @garywi06 =) Yep, chiming in on some existing threads is definitely the most helpful thing to do. I do read this stuff, but right now I'm up to my eyeballs in final stuff for Audiobus, so my brain's a little taxed at present!

  • @MarcGio #2 can be done by turning off "Clear after merge" (Settings > Track management). When you drag a track to an empty track, you now have 2 identical tracks, as the original is still there. Of course with this setting, you have to manually delete the original track when you only want to Merge.

  • @Ganthofer thank you very much!

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