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New to Midi - What do I get and how do I set it up?

edited November 2012 in Equipment

At the end of the day, I want to use Looper like a Boomerang III. I want 3-4 separate loops that I can sync of different multiples of a master loop. Live, I want to be able to stop and start each independently and overdub on to each independently.

Mostly, though, I want it for recording so I can export each loop separately and create a song on my computer. I do this by hand now, but it is extremely frustrating as the timing is usually off when I try to use my finger.

So...what should I get and where do I go to learn to setup midi?

Thanks! I have an iPad2 with Loopy HD already on it. I've just used iRig to play through it, and will tackle that after midi.

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