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New to Midi - What do I get and how do I set it up?

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At the end of the day, I want to use Looper like a Boomerang III. I want 3-4 separate loops that I can sync of different multiples of a master loop. Live, I want to be able to stop and start each independently and overdub on to each independently.

Mostly, though, I want it for recording so I can export each loop separately and create a song on my computer. I do this by hand now, but it is extremely frustrating as the timing is usually off when I try to use my finger.

So...what should I get and where do I go to learn to setup midi?

Thanks! I have an iPad2 with Loopy HD already on it. I've just used iRig to play through it, and will tackle that after midi.


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    If you've got a pedal that can put out a midi signal, you can plug it into a MIDI adapter. I already had a couple cheap, crap generic MIDI interfaces, and found that the iPad found this straight away when I plugged it into the camera connector kit. Have a good trawl through these forums... Keyboards, pedals, even blue tooth stuff can be used to turn individual tracks on and off. If you have trouble recording the first track (I always do) set the tempo and loop length first or import a drum loop to play/sing along with - then you can use 'count out recording' which will always give you the perfect length loops - you can always ditch that original backing track you started with ):

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