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  • Cannot wait !!!!
    Any hint on a release date ???

  • Yep...looks good! I read somewhere that Moog might be inboard.

  • If there are one or two devs holding up the party, I hope there's a cutoff date! I'm presuming there will be a general announcement prior to the big release day that lists who is on board for release #1. Coordinating this must be a nightmare. :)

    Random side question: If someone installs an app with audiobus support but they don't have the audiobus app installed, will the app's audiobus functionality simply be hidden?

    And another... will audiobus need to be started first? That is, if I'm tooling about in sunrizer and then decide I want to use it with loopy via audiobus, will I need to quit sunrizer entirely, then load audiobus, then load sunrizer and loopy?

  • Yeah, as @syrupcore's a bit like herding kittens =) The devs have been wonderful sports generally speaking, but it's a big job coordinating all these separate timelines and priorities. So hard.

    Hence, no public launch date yet - we have a tentative one, but we're keeping it under our hats in case it has to shift. You'll know when we do! But we're getting pretty close now.

    Yep, you need the Audiobus app to use Audiobus functionality. All the UI is in the Audiobus app, too, so if you don't have the app, you won't see the UI =)

    Nope, launch order doesn't matter.

  • Cool - how do you assign tracks/ loops from say for example , sunriser into loopy hd or a multitrack app?
    How do you tell audio us which " track" goes where ?

  • Sorry audiobus!

  • Audiobus lets developers define "ports", which basically fulfils this function. For example, when using Loopy as an input, currently, you get to pick which track to use, or the combined input:


    The rest is up to the developer - currently Loopy records Audiobus input the same way it records other audio input - it'll record to whatever track you tap. When you tap the Record button on the connection panel, it'll record to the next free track. I'm considering adding per-track input ports too, so you can record to a particular track, and hitting the Record button on the connection panel will simply overdub.

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    When apple eventually release a pro style ipad , I sincerely hope apple strongly consider you as a true advocate and listener of mobile musicians and employ you on some level ! : your responsiveness is unusual in regards to other developers as such you actually responded openly rather than dangle an esoteric carrot stick of info for months , but you can read the enthusiasm in your hard work on developing this app - I have been trounced in regards to the possibility of a more pro like ipad in other forums - it's developers like you who are making mobile music actually happen ! Forward thinking and intelligent but the holy grail is sample conversion and streaming at seamingly small file sizes - like , dare I say it , orchestral libraries ! It's forward thinkers like yourself who not only make music making an exciting experience but always Interesting to follow your insights are down to earth and inspiring xx high praise indeed long live audiobus!!

  • Thank you so much! That's a lovely thing to say =)

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    @ognum +1 ;-)

    @michael, do you think about to integrate a mixer to audiobus?
    Just a thought, ...first final your 1.0 well, and you wil,i know...thumbs up dood...sunny sunday.

  • No need for a mixer, @obiwahnkentobi. Think of Audiobus as cables - cables just connect stuff. No mixer. That's for what you plug the cables into to take care of =)

  • Though I can imagine a scenario where an app that works in the effect slot may be benefitted by a dry/wet control in the audiobus app. Hopefully app devs that aim to sit in that spot always include dry/wet in app.

  • Yeah, that's gonna be pretty much up to the filter developers, I think, although if it becomes a problem we can always address it.

  • waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant

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    @ Michael

    Does the new / already submitted to Apple update contain Audiobus? :)

  • Can an audiobus sender also be a receiver? Will I be able to capture a loop in loopy in real time of loopy going through an audiobus filter app? Confusing sentence much?

    Specific use case is adding effects to a loop and capturing the effected loop in real time. If yes, I can already hear some asshole, that'd be me, asking for audiobus 'send' levels on each loop. Because, you know, oh my god.

  • @ToniFranco - No comment =)

    @syrupcore - Yep - developers can implement any number of the three port types: Input ports, output ports, filter ports. And yep, you can use Loopy as both an output an input simultaneously, and record itself being filtered into a new loop (note that at launch this will only work with input monitoring disabled - it's one of those edge case issues I'll fix shortly). Send levels are a cool idea - I'll keep that in mind for the next update.

  • Awesome. Thank you. Please see YouTube post above for further instructions.

  • Here's another demo we just released:

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    Oh great. This should be labelled "NSFW". I'm at my desk and I just shit my pants. I had no idea that multiple input sources could be captured independently by the output app!

  • Yep, looks great. Good to slowly see who else is on board via these demos.

  • Very... teasing! :-)
    I wonder if scenes with multiple apps can be saved and recalled quickly...

  • I'm new to Loopy, so forgive my ignorance. I just want to make sure I understand what this means for my Loopy workflow.

    As of now, the only way to get audio from another IOS app is to copy and paste the audio from the source app onto the clipboard and paste into Loopy, right? of the purposes of Audiobus with Loopy is to basically let you record live from Sunrizer, Funkbox, etc without having to the do the audio copy/paste thing anymore.

    I get the whole "filter your guitar out of JamUp into NLog Synth, then run it through Sunrizer to show it who's the boss" thing, but I'm wondering about the meaning of Audiobus only relative to Loopy.

    I can't believe Apple didn't think of Audiobus themselves. In terms of music production on the iPad, this is a turning point. (As is Loopy itself.)

  • @sorefingers you are correct. You can switch to sunrizer once it's wired to loopy, toggle loopy to record from within sunrizer and record directly into loopy.

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