exporting ur song!!!???

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i need help! please, can someone please tell me how to export a track online??? thank u


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    Just wrote a detailed reply and javascript ate it up. Shorter version:

    Tap the big record button in settings to start

    Do stuff with your song (play/mute/whatevs)

    Tap record again to stop

    Go to 'recordings'

    Find the one named after your current project

    Tap it

    Email or sound cloud upload from that screen

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    Donner: What did you mean by 'online'? Michael posted a comprehensive explanation of using iTunes to get the individual loops out of loopy onto your computer so you can then use these within another program on your computer.


    I know it took me a bit to find the little file sharing window within itunes.

    While I'm at it, let me point out just how unique this app is... We actually have a developer that monitors these forums and actually listens to what people say... Haven't seen that anywhere else. .. Thank you from all of us, Michael

  • You're most welcome, and thank you =)

    "Online"...Hmm, do you mean to SoundCloud? You just have to tap the SoundCloud buttons on the usual share screens, and follow the instructions. You can also email from Loopy. If you need another service, you'll need to export to your computer and upload from there.

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