The new Ipad (4?), loopy and Alesis IO dock

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The 30 pin to lightning cable seems to be working, however you can't use the gray plastic adapter for fitting the ipad 3/4 in there. It doesn't let the connector seat properly. I think if you cut out a small section of the adapter it would work with just the 30 pin to lighting adapter. I may get bold later and try it.

I haven't had a chance to try EVERYTHING out but it was picking up audio and charging and stuff.


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    Is it worth it, performancewise? With the iPad 3, I could have about 3-4 audio apps run in parallel, e.g. Loopy, NLog Pro and Sunrizer (pretty much my dream combination), but as soon as Animoog came into the mix, it was latency issues all over. So when I heard that 7 months after I got my brand new iPad3, Apple was now offering double the performance but I couldn't use it with my hardware, all I could think was. Thank you, Apple. So: any measurable advantages?

    EDIT: Pretty clear answer here.

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