Loopy with iOS guitar amp modeling software

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New here, but I'd like to buy loopy to replace my hardware based setup. A few questions:
Can guitar input through an iPad compatible interface be routed through one of the iOS amp modeling apps then into loopy? If so, what are the compatible apps and hardware interfaces that folks are using? Thanks for the help.


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    You can't do that yet, but there's an app called AudioBus that is coming soon that will hopefully do exactly that. It's even from the developer of Loopy. http://audiobus.tumblr.com/

  • Well Audiobus seems vague, but probably intentionally so. I guess for now I'll have to put a multi-effects processor with modeling in front of my iPad. It could still be worth the effort.
    So what is your favorite hardware interface to use with guitar?

  • I've only had it a few weeks now, but I'm happy with the Alesis iO4. I really wanted the Roland Duo-Capture EX, but it's not out yet.

    I like the Alesis because it gives me audio and MIDI without being tied to an inflexible dock like the iODock. My current iPad uses a dock connector, but my next one won't. I'll still be able to use the iO4 with a future device. The iO4 also appears to work with SYSEX, which is another limitation of some other MIDI interfaces.

  • A new audiobus video was launched today...looks good.

  • It does! I was doing a loopy/sunrizer thing myself tonight using two devices. Can't wait for audiobus!

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