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Problems with latest update

edited December 2011 in Support and Feedback
Hey there,

first I'd like to say that I love this app!! I was always looking for a easy and affordable solution to start making musik and than I found this beautiful piece. Thanks a lot!

Anyway, I recorded round about 20 tracks with the previous version and everything worked fine. But since I updated to the lastest version, all of the tracks went bonkers :) When I open a previously saved session which was created with the old version, the loops spin as they like and completely of beat... Is this a known problem or did someone else experience anything like that? Or did I mess it up somehow? I didn't change any of the settings...

Thanks for your help


  • Cheers for the kind words, Jamo!

    D'oh - I'm sorry to hear that! Would you mind zipping up and emailing me one of the problematic sessions? I'll have a look and see if I can figure out what's amiss (michael ^at^ atastypixel.com)
  • (Update: Ah-hah! Found the problem, update with bugfix submitted)
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