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New option on loopy

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Really, your app is fabulous...

Using a FCB1010, but not yet tested, as I've just ordered the Alesis IO4, I would like to discuss these additional options :

Being abble to have a different color in the middle of each track (that seems to be the smartest and ergonomic way of doing, instead of adding some text or an icon on top of each track)

Like this you may know better which are the drums parts, the strings, voices etc...

But it's not only cosmetic, or for imported/premade sounds, because these colors/icons/texts should be in fact the basics of a grouping track panel.

Each track should have specific options :

-read only (no additionnal options in this case, except muting maybe)
-allow to be recorded
-allow to be overdubed
-allow to be recorded/overdubed
-allow to be erased
-allow to be muted
-allow to be undo/redo
-allow clock length

For example, having track 1+2 + 3 with the same color, should associate them, so into
general>key bindings>bindings
you should have actions associated to this group of tracks,like:
Action>select track >Track : group 1
So like this, if I want to have let's say a verse assigned to 3 first track, then a chorus to 3 next track, I should be able to go on these three next tracks pressing a button on my FCB1010.
But why three tracks (or more ) ? First track should be prefilled with a premade loop (drums for instance), the second should be also prefilled but could be muted(keyboard for instance) , and the third should be here to add some live loop.
So you should have new actions like select next track and record, where the next group of tracks should be selected, with the track ready to record, the options described before should help to catch the proper loop to do the right thing (being recorded for instance...)
The parameters on each track would allow to make the right action on the right loop.
The good point also with this system is that you should have templated projects setuped for different purposes, like a clean one for complete tracks (verse/chorus/coda), other for simple loops...

I know it's very basic thought, as it could create strange stuffs, I should have not think about all use cases, but it should be a real addition, regarding RC-300 for instance !

As additionnal stuff, it should require also, a way to fill with empty space loop (with different lenght) to prepare the structure of each tracks of each group of track. (a trick that I used on my RC50, allowing 8 bars empty track for example because I know this loop should be that long, but the RC50 can't know about that...)

Also, a mode to switch to groups at the end of the (the larger one) loop !
This should be already integrated without all my messy demand, as it is a basic chaining system.

Sorry if it's not very clear, as I'm french...(and also a bit unclear in my head) I may think of doing screenshots to explain the new group panel...
Also, I saw that you are about to include effects, AMHO this is less urgent than pushing looping system and basic sequencing. Of course fancy effects could be funny, and I don't know if they will be only usable on master or on each track, but you will quickly need a panel as described below if you want to assign properly effects on each track or group of tracks.

Best regards,



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    EDIT : Name of current session added
    EDIT2: Name of track replaced by an icon, cancel buton added on group panel.

    Here is the first screen about pattern mode.

    In this scenario, the central circle extends with 3 new circles.
    The first circle does not appear if there's no loop at all. So I guess it should be modified also.The options "re-record" and "cancel" should not appear as well in this case.

    Loop mode uncutted, means you may not mute/stop/play before it has played the all track. This is usefull to chain track or group of as patterns.

    I keep thinking of group mode and get back to you.


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    Screenshot while you go back in play mode.
    In this case, loop mode infinite has been choosen, and the icon of track is "Drums".
    Visually it seems better to have more or less10 different icons instead of typing names that could be cutted depending on resolution etc...
    Also, it doesn't have to be as complex as a DAW...

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    Okay, now the group mode.

    4 different groups are allowed, each group may contain 4 tracks maximum (don't know why 4, but let's say 4...should be enough :) )
    The time cycle of this group is based on the track which has the longer loop. This means if a loop of track 1 of group 1 has 8 bars and the 2nd loop of track 2 has 4 bars, if you chain group 1 to group 2, group 1 will need to have his 8 bars track completely played before it can play the group 2.

    While the first group is playing, it loops till you tap the next group of tracks, at that moment, the second group of track is flashing indicating it will play after the ending of larger loop of group1. So like this, you know visually what's going to happen next, and if you've made a mistake, you may clic on the proper other group, or clic on the initial group to cancel the operation. (I don't know if in that case a add binding must be configurated with a controler...anyway...that's the main idea)

    In this case, we clic on group 1 (the green one) , it opens a new panel which can be reached thru :
    General >Groups layout >Group 1 > Track 1

    Here options of this track can be modified. In this example, we just allowing "read only" that means no actions can be done on this track but played.

    Now comes the really powerfull part of Adding bindings on tracks of a group:
    As it is a group, the Program Change (or Control Change), defined on the midi controler which is pushed would be interpreted by loopy to assign the right logical action on the track that may accept this action.
    Why ? Because the same PC/CC will be the same for each group, so recording loop for track 1 of group 1, will be the same for track 1 of group 2. You save butons on the footswith for the same actions, so they stay on the same place.

    New add bindings for the main "add bindings" panel:
    Jump to next group
    Jump to previous group
    Load next session(on my FCB1010 I have a "up" and a "down" button that change all the programs on the pedalboard, so it could be very usefull as I could load the session that may not use the group mode for all my tracks, I also controling other midi devices, so I could also load the right sound for a synth for instance as well)
    Load previous session

    Still not perfectly clear in my head, but maybe there are some "not too dumb" ideas to catch ?
    Then, you may rise the price of loopy, I would defenetly pay more for a more advanced solution that could be more powerfull of RC 300.

  • Thanks for all the feedback! Forgive me, I'm eyeballs deep in finishing Audiobus at present, so I haven't had time to look this over. I've got it bookmarked, though, for when I have some time in the future.

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    No problem at all, these are just ideas, and they are not all very clear, but I hope they may help (not for your sleep I'm affraid...) at some point...

    For once we can talk directly to the developper, instead of big companies that does not listen to musician needs.(getting a new firmware once a year, correcting one thing, but blocking an other to sell their next product...)
    Anyway, take your time, keep doing such good piece of code, I'll keep using your apps , and add some crazy demands here in case you're crazier to integrate them... :)


  • Thanks heaps =)
    Yeah, I feel your pain on the big company thing. Drives me crazy.

  • Hello,
    I just saw this video, and think that the way of connecting items at 0.32' is really cool:

    Might be a cooler workflow to introduce patern mode ?

  • Alright, I didn't read all the above, but the idea of a sequence or pattern of loops is awesome. If @Michael doesn't have other ideas for a two finger drag, you could just two finger drag one loop onto another and have each loop play then mute sequentially down a chain (one time) or cycle back to the first. Hmm... Tasty.

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