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HELP ! A new technical organisation, usb hub, Midi interface Cakewalk um-2g compatible etc...

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I actually own a midi interface Cakewalk um-2g, and a FCB1010 Behringer, an old usb hub, but no camera usb adaptor yet ! (I'm testing the Ipad 3, not sure I need to buy one, as I'm using also a RC-50)
I'm not sure about the audio interface yet mainly because I don't know if an usb hub could handle multiple usb devices.
If not, I can't use the um-2g with a soundcard for example, so seems the Alesis dock the only solution.(?)
I like the idea to have less boxes to cary also...
But regarding this website :
The (old) edirol midi box equivalent to mine seems compatible, but the Roland supposed to be the equivalent of edirol is NOT, and my Cakewalk is designed by Roland !
So, anyone tried it successfully or not ?

Sorry for my english, I'm french!
Thanks for any help :)


  • Okay, after searching, I guess I can get the Tascam IU2 or the Alesis IO Dock.
    But which one has the better converter ? The better sound ?

    I give up about this old midi interface...

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