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Anyone using Griffin StudioConnect or Focusrite iTrack Solo

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Still in search of all inclusive audio interface to run Loopy through current iPad 3. Spent the morning on the phone with a "recording specialist" from musicians friend and Apple support rep. Both very helpful and patient. Some answers: Focusrite will run ios6 update with ipad3, not certain with the Griffin. Both units have signal level line out so good for live application. Griffin has midi in/ out but no xlr and charges where the Focusrite does not. The Apple rep seemed to have greater confidence that the Focusrite would be a safer choice. The Griffin appears to more complete if if you don't mind taking a 1/4 inch out from your mic preamp for vocals. The Tascam iu2 and Behringer are not available at all. I may just buy the Griffin, see how it behaves with midi and return if it doesn't live up to billing. Have a 2 year Apple support warranty so I'll try to share any appropriate info. Anyone using these setups chime in please.


  • Just thought I'd chime in that Sweetwater has the Griffin Studio Connect for $129 ($20.99 cheaper than Musicians Friends)
    I haven't purchased an I/O interface for my iPad (3) yet. Have been searching the Internet for what's available and any reviews from users. I'll be interested in you opinion.
    IMHO - not having MIDI I/O is worse than not having XLR.

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