Foot pedal with Loopy

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As part of my work I teach children to sing. I sing and play guitar. I want to have a backing track which has certain sections which are on a loop (e.g. verse Chorus, bridge etc) that way if they haven’t got the verse I can stay on it until they have. I also want a foot switch to move on to the next loop as I will be playing guitar at the same time. At present I create my backing tracks in garage band and have access to an iPad, Apple mac book pro and PC. Will Loopy enable me to do this? If not can anyone advise me what i could use?


  • Hi,
    Im interested in the same thing. I would be very interested in how the Airturn BT-105 with 2, or even the 4 pedal version, works with loopy.
    Does this allow handsfree toggling of loops, setting for record, stopping starting etc?
    Great app BTW

  • Please excuse the delay - yep, Loopy will let you do this. The AirTurn guys recently made a tutorial demonstrating this with Loopy:

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