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New user and New way of thinking - IPhone / TC-Helicon / iRig

edited October 2012 in Equipment

Firstly, may I just say.. Genius! Loving Loopy and am experimenting with it at a fast rate.

I am a musician who has used a Boss RC-50 for years and am only now just realising the potential I have missed in Loopy.

Am using the following setup:-
TC-Helicon MP75 microphone and guitar into a Voicelive 2, out mono jack to iRig, to iPhone, to Loopy. Am in the process of getting the iKlip for the micstand and then look into a Bluetooth pedal.

You really have changed the way I am thinking of looping and as my RC50 only has 3 phrases, it's a no brainier that Loopy is superior!
I do have one request for the iPhone version and that is a setting to change the overdub to one finger and not two as sometimes I miss the gesture. Might finally have ANOTHER perfect excuse to get an iPad and use LoopHD!!! Hehe


  • Thanks John, that's lovely!

    Sorry to hear the 2-finger tap's giving you trouble - are you using the 6-track layout? I recommend not going any greater than 6 on the iPhone because the screen's so small.
    I'm not keen to mess with that gesture, if I can avoid it.

    A pedal would solve the issue, of course.

  • Thanks Michael. Yeah.. I have gone into the settings and have changed it so it overdubs after the initial record, which is what I am used to on an RC50.

    Question time. Bluetooth pedals. I am running everything on an iPhone 5 and I have seen a few recent posts that Loopy is having an issue with These kind of pedals. Is this fixed now or is there an update due to sort the problem? Looking at the Cicada pedal for my pedalboard.

    Thanks again.


  • iOS 6 has introduced a problem with detection of arrow keys sent by bluetooth keyboards/pedals, JP. But it's not a big deal, because these pedals offer several modes which present different keystrokes.
    I've fixed the problem in my dev tree, but it won't be out for a little while. 'till then, just use another mode.

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