End Record and Pause simultaneously.

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Is there a way to end a loop recording and pause it simultaneously?

This is why I need it .... Say while performing I want to record section A as a loop but only want to trigger it later after I have done section B. Right now it seems if I play section A and record, once I end the recording it will loop immediately. I want to play section B first than trigger the recorded loop of section A.

Hope you understand this.

Is it already an existing feature I missed or coming soon? Preferbably something that can be controlled via a midi or Bluetooth pedal.


  • Not at this point, no - you could mute it in advance by turning the track volume down, but that's all I can suggest at this point. I'll think about it though.

  • Thanks Michael for the response.

    I think if you could just allow the pause/stop action to stop a recording it would be good enough. Now this can only be done on the second loop onwards but not on the first loop.

  • If I may....I just asked this question...well, kind of. ...i think. So much for certainty!
    Michael, you had mentioned that multi-message triggers. Would this apply here?

    In other words, set up a trigger/pedal to end a section loop, while simultaneously pausing it and starting the next loop (b section).

    Ami taking crazy pills or is this possible?

  • Hmm, definitely possible without count-in/out turned on. Otherwise.. I'd need to do some stuff to prepare....

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