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loopy mixer volume meter question

I have a bass sample in loopy. I also added in the visual eq app from 4 pockets. In visual eq I see the VU meter never going above -5db. However the loopy volume meter for the track is showing it going a little above 0db and showing the red clipping line. I slid the volume meter all the way down till I couldn't hear the loop but the volume meter still shows a bit above 0db with red clipping. What is that volume meter for? Should I just base things off the visual eq effect,?


  • Ah! That's an odd oversight - yes, it looks like the meters show the pre-fader levels of each group, rather than post-fader. Dunno how I missed that, fixing now.

    By the way, this forum is a ghost-town - you're better off using one of the other communities, as no one seems to use this one for some reason (since realising that, I've closed down applications, as it was just getting spammers).

  • Ok, is the Discord my best option then? Will the fix be in a next major release or will it be a small release? In the meantime then am I correct in believing my visual eq effect would best represent the true db of the loop?

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