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Share export and back up loopy sessions in 2023

It’s beginning to look increasingly apparent that there is no way to bulk back up your loopy sessions and wav content to an external computer.
As time goes by you may build up a large library of sessions if so beware
surely there needs to be a way of backing them up?
unfortunately I thought this would be a simple process but now it seems you can only AirDrop one session at a time so if you have hundreds or even thousands of them your in deep water every time I search for a solution I only find answers that are 10 years out of date so it’s apparent to me that I am the only person who needs to back work
Is everybody else just having a great time creating and throwing caution to the wind


  • The easiest way is probably to just Airdrop from Files. Open the Loopy folder in Files, select all, export (the square icon with up arrow), then select your Mac.

    If you want to do it over a cable, plug in and find your iPad/iPhone in Finder then drag the stuff over, or use iExplorer or iFunbox to do it.

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